Therapy Services 

After an initial intake session of 60 minutes to assess issues and history, We typically meet with individual clients for 50-minute sessions on a weekly basis. As coping increases and positive changes are apparent, sessions can move to a bi-weekly or even monthly basis for continued progress and support.
  We conduct intake sessions with couples both together and individually to fully assess issues within a relationship. Following intake (70 minutes), weekly 60-minute sessions allow adequate time for both partners to be heard, issues explored, and new communication skills practiced. Individual sessions are also often helpful. As partners experience improvement in the relationship, sessions shift to bi-weekly, monthly, or bi-monthly schedules to provide continued support.
  Oxford Health Psychotherapy Services (OHPS) provide In-Home Counselling services to older adults who must be 65 years of age or older at a 25% reduced rate. Special consideration is given to frail, high-risk, homebound, and/or socially isolated elders who may not be able to acquire mental health services through more conventional means. All requests for service will be considered. At this time, we are only able to provide in-home services to Central Oxford.
  Parents with adult children, adult siblings, or blended family members often find it helpful to have a neutral, supportive professional assist them in processing conflict, improving communication, and finding greater connection. Sessions typically last 70 minutes for a period of several weeks or months. Supplemental individual sessions are often helpful as well.
  Small groups of 6-10 members who have a shared experience can be powerful tools in dealing with some of life's greatest challenges, Support group examples include bereavement, infertility/pregnancy loss, parenting children with special needs, or extreme anxiety. Following individual intake interviews, members of these professionally-led groups typically meet weekly for 90-minute sessions for 6-8 weeks. Please contact Victoria regarding current group availability.