Older Adults Counselling 

Counselling Services for Older Adults Mission

To help older adults maintain their independence to the greatest extent possible and age in place by providing quality mental health services and emotional support. Research has indicated that one of the greatest issues for older adults is loneliness. The issue of social isolation, coupled with depression, is an important factor that contributes to the high risk for suicide among this population. Even though depression is the single most significant risk factor for suicide for older adults, older persons with depression rarely seek treatment for the illness and often don’t recognise it for what it is.

The aim of our Older Adult Counselling Programme is to provide a safe and supportive environment where participants can address issues of concern and maintain their independence. Many older adults use their time with us to share thoughts about their day-to-day lives, to reminisce about the past, or to speculate about the future. All of these are good topics for discussion during counselling sessions.

Older Adult Counselling Structure

When adults reach 65+, they face many changes that can cause anxiety and depression – loss of meaningful roles in their family and community, losses that include friends, loved ones, income, independence, declining health and mobility, isolation and loneliness, strained family relationships, and worry about who will take care of them as they age. Long-standing issues such as hoarding and depression, can also intensify with age. Oxford Health Psychotherapy Services (OHPS) offers help and hope in managing these changes.
Through counselling, people learn:

• Different ways of solving problems
• Better communication with partners, children, and parents
• Methods to cope with stress, depression, and anxiety
• How to understand and manage a wide range of feelings
• To strengthen community connections and support

Participants can choose to visit our offices for individual, family, or group sessions, or attend any of the groups services that we offer. Counselling services are provided by a licensed therapist, trained in geriatric mental health, grief, and crisis intervention.