Group Therapy

Group therapy is another form of psychotherapy that takes place in a group setting with from four to eight people. Group therapy can be an effective an affordable way to grow. Group therapy sessions usually run longer than individual sessions to give members more time to participate. The group helps you to more fully understand not just yourself, but also the others.

The group process provides great benefits for the members as they learn to communicate more deeply and openly with each other in ways that may be very new. Over time, the closeness of the group often enables the members to take greater emotional risks in a safe, supportive environment. It is often in these encounters with the other members, that you learn to present and resolve difficulties with people in your life such as co-workers, neighbors, friends, or relatives.

Sometimes, either as an adjunct to psychotherapy to help move the process along, or after you’ve completed psychotherapy, a group is appropriate. In group, not only do clients receive tremendous understanding, support, and encouragement from others, but they also gain different perspectives, ideas, and viewpoints. Group therapy, like individual therapy, is a powerful vehicle for growth and change, and can help you gain support, increase your self-awareness, and learn new ways to cope with personal or interpersonal challenges.

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